Self Growth

How do You Find a Man – The Secret Exposed!

Do you suppose that being a Christian means being humble in your Relationships?

No, no!!

The Bible is full of courage and bold actions and heroes and heroines.  The thought of being humble in your relationships will bring nothing but trouble.


Self Growth
Self Growth

Does this make sense?  It better, because it is absolutely true.

How do you find a man is best answered by you understanding that in the beginning of any relationship one thing is absolutely vital.  That one thing is Self-Confidence.

That is the essential ingredient in any endeavor in life – and that certainly includes relationships.  Have you ever been attracted to a person who is `needy`?  Well, I suppose you may have if you have an extremely compassionate nature.  But, in the absence of that – when was the last time you were attracted to an individual who was lacking in self-confidence and/or self-esteem?

Probably the answer is NEVER.  So, doesn’t it stand to reason that you must have these qualities yourself – to be attractive to men?

So, a simple answer to the question of `how do you find a man?` is really secondary to finding in yourself that self-assurance that will make men find you.

All the dating advice you can hear, buy, etc. won’t do you any good until you realize that.

The cold hard fact is that the sexiest women, the ones that most guys drool over, are those who exhibit a great deal of self-confidence.

Self Confidence
Self Confidence

The real man – the one you want- wants a woman who is so self-confident, that she gives an impression that, “……..I don’t need you.  Be careful or I will walk away at a moment’s notice.”

Now, that attitude will make men want you more than any other single quality. So, breasts, legs, pouty lips, great hair – are all great.  But, they don’t hold a candle to self-assurance.

So, let’s cement that in as a huge, indispensable asset in your quest to get the right man.  Now, how do you acquire it?  That is the question.

Don’t be dismayed at the enormity of this task.  If you can think, feel, and reason things out – and it is evident that you can – because you are here! Actually as you will find that it is simple, easy and fun to acquire this feeling of supreme self-confidence.

Let’s set the stage – and say that you are trying to impress a guy whom you feel has the potential of being the `right one`.  And, you are trying to give the impression that you `care` and therefore focusing on his needs and desires.

That can be done in such an ingratiating way – that it is a huge turn-off.  That would give the exact opposite effect that you had intended.

If you just think about that for a moment – you will see that your special someone is actually turned off by getting more – than he gives to you.

It may be that in doing so, you have sacrificed the aura of self-confidence that really is the biggest turn on of all – by trying too hard to please.

What is Self –Esteem?  It is the way you think and feel about yourself.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  You will never again have to ask, “How do you find a man?”  Once you have self-esteem in abundance – they will find you.

But if you are trying so hard to please, aren’t you in fact and action, projecting the idea that what you think and feel is not nearly as important as what he thinks or feels?

Once that is projected – your self-assurance that is so vital to your overall goal of beauty and attractiveness – is gone in a wisp of smoke.

Wow – that it not what you want!

If that is the case – all the beauty tips, all the beautiful skin treatments are not so important.  They did not do much good, if self-esteem is lacking.

`Negative Thoughts` are your mortal enemy. They can take the fairest skin, the most beautiful complexion – and cast a pall over everything.  They can take the straightest of shoulders, and make them slouch.

Put a guard house in your mind – and allow only positive thoughts in. Remember that your mind is where you live.  Don’t hang garbage (negative thoughts) on the walls of your mind.

Don’t be a humble Christian woman – that is not why God created you!

Self growth
Self growth

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