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Why do Men Cheat in Relationships?

Why do men cheat?  One of the most significant of all the relationship questions!

why do men cheat
why do men cheat

To address the problem – first we must define the terms.  Here, we see a difference in perception:

Most women would say that if they are in a relationship –and the man `see` other people, that is cheating.  Now, that is bit vague. First, what does the word `see` actually mean?

  • Having coffee
  • Visiting over lunch
  • Being on the same bowling team
  • An affair in the local motel

Now, the last one is pretty conclusive, but the others are not. So, you can see right away, the definition leaves a bit to ponder.

To look at it further, we must understand that the woman often completely gives over her life to the man, and in return demands the same type of commitment. So, naturally she looks at the question of `Why do men cheat` differently.

So, first, we should get a clear definition of just what cheating really is and what it is not:

It is pretty clear that first the commitment must have been made by both parties:

Both people have made a clear and explicit agreement to date only each other.  When one breaks that `contract` – it is cheating.

You need to be aware of two things when considering a life changing decision – to leave, or not to leave.

  • It never is as easy as advertised
  • It calls for courage either way.  It is a big change.

There are programs out there that proclaim `they` can solve your problem. It is easy to swallow the hype of great success coming to you, but surprisingly some can and will — if you decide to implement it with your full focus and attention.

It is a fact that of all people who decide to do something like this – that is to embark on a program with the potential to create huge changes in their lives – most will falter fairly quickly and then wonder why it didn’t work for them.

Still others will share their `journey` with well-meaning friends – who will tell them piously and sincerely – that it `won’t  work`, and that declaration is believed, and presto; It doesn’t work.

And so it becomes just another program that did not live up to its hype.

Now, If you are easily discouraged by the doubts of others – and do not have the dedication and focus to follow though – than, save your money and go out for a nice dinner.

However, there is a small percentage of people (and I hope you are one of them) who will shrug off the doubts that are natural, and pay no attention to those well-meaning friends who will always give a critical assessment of anything that they haven’t used themselves.

If that is you – and it must be – because you are still here: Look carefully at the programs out there, and if you consider one, let me know, and I will check it out for you.

Some programs will actually work – if you work it.

Have you ever noticed that the truly successful and happy people – seem to know something that the rest of the general population doesn’t?  They either ignore quick fix programs – or they evaluate their options much more carefully than most people.  Those options may or may not include `programs`.

Yes, those are the people who were determined to achieve their dreams, and marched on to their destiny, heedless of all the doubters and naysayers (of which the world is full).

So – carefully think out your options.  You are in charge:

Self Growth
Self Growth

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