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Hi, it’s Ron – and I wanted to introduce myself – and respond to the question you probably have – “Who is this guy – and why should I listen to him?”

Well, the truth is I have no advanced degrees in communication – but I do have a Black Belt in experience – and a great deal of fascination with the way people communicate with each other.

Along my life’s journey, I have witnessed so many aspects of relationships that it is staggering.  I have seen happy relationships, miserable relationships, and everything in between.

I have counseled veterans who suffer from PTSD for years, and partially because of that I have gained even more insight into human behavior.  I have seen people sabotage their relationships, and even their own futures.  And, they don’t even realize they are doing it.

And, then some behavior is so predictable.  Here is a trick you can try someday:  If you are in a group of 3-4 people, mention that you have something.

Say for example that you say you have a splitting headache.  I’ll bet that someone will say, “That’s nothing.  I have a friend who has migraines so bad that she has to take a cold shower to get rid of them.”

Or say, “My friend had two deer in their backyard two days ago.” What will almost always happen is that someone will say, “That’s nothing. My friend George lives in Montana, and he has deer in their yard all the time.”

So, people (all of us) are unique individuals, but we do have some predictable patterns. It is those patterns that we can learn. When we learn them, our relationships become easier to handle.

After living for several decades – and having been an avid student of human behavior – I know I have practical tips for you to consider. You may not find these ideas in books by learned scholars, but you will find them useful in the daily challenges we all face every day.

I have been in the distinct position of a minority in several instances – and marveled at how people reacted to one another.  I have included those experiences in several articles – some are here, and others in books I have written.

Self Growth CoverSelf Growth IISelf Growth III

It is with that experience that I offer some insights for you to consider. Employ them, and watch with amazement how your life is transformed.

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