Seniors Having Fun

Seniors Having Fun #1

Hey Seniors Having Fun,

 Are you sick and tired of well-wishers `advising` you to `take it easy`, and `you’ve earned the right to just sit around and watch`?

 Well, the heck with them – – – – –

 But, if you really intend to take their advice – – then, quit reading!  Go sit down – and vegetate!  Or whatever it is you want to do  –

seniors doing nothing

Now, if you are still here, let me assure you, there is a lot of living for you – yes, I mean `you`.  You’re my kind of person!!!!

Let this be your daily destination!

Here you will find great articles, and `PRE-SCREENED` programs that you might be interested in – —

 If you are open to more adventures in life – and yet don’t want to spend all your time reviewing and researching those adventures – you are in the right place!

How about an article of a fellow senior who faced a life threatening situation in an Oregon hospital – and then wrote a funny story about it?

This will be in the next post – – – – – – I’m betting you will get a chuckle out of it!!

 We are going to explore lots of things – but only with those avenues that we have researched – and validated to be what they claim to be.  And all guaranteed!!

 Are you interested in travel, starting a business, looking for anti-aging vitamins that really do work – do you want to energize your sex life?

Keep checking in – We are just starting….

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