What Exactly do we mean by Relationships for Christians?

So, how do you approach Christian Dating?

I think that one of the big secrets of searching for relationship compatibility is that you don’t have to search for one at all. Isn’t that a neat revelation?  All you have to do is to be the person you are looking for, and it will happen.  Your search didn’t even have to start – things just happen.

Does that sound so simple that it couldn’t possibly be true?  I know it does.  But it is true.  There is a whole storm of belief that has swept the nation, indeed the world, based on Attraction.  That is simply believing that you will attract – what you already are.  You become an interesting loving involved individual –  and you will find an interesting loving involved person on your doorstep.

See this little poster:

Christian Dating
Christian Dating

Consider that sometimes a slogan is just a slogan:  You read it once; you feel a momentary feeling of insight – and then `Poof!’ – It’s gone.  But sometimes you read a little slogan like the one above, and it hits you right between the eyes, and you don’t forget it. It resonates with you – and tells you in a few seconds what a lengthy book never quite gets around telling you.  You understand in a flash.

And if you see if often enough, you start to actually believe it.

And then, it becomes part of you!

As it becomes part of you, your standards automatically become higher, and the person who is attracted to you, becomes that new person.  You win on all counts. You become a better person, your standards get higher, and the person looking for you is `upgraded`.  Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

You couple that with the realization – stated below – and you begin to realize that you don’t have to find a super man or woman.   You begin to realize one thing – and that is:


Is this another one of those slogans that makes you feel good for a moment or two, and then life continues on as if you never saw it?  It is up to you of course, but consider this:

Christian Dating
Christian Dating

When you consider the attributes of the person you are looking for, you will probably list these characteristics:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Interesting
  • Fun to be with
  • Compatible
  • Interested in lots of things – well informed
  • Self- confident

Just think for a moment:  If you look at yourself, and you already have all those traits, you are the person someone else is looking for –  and you don’t have to do a thing.  Someone will come looking for you.  That is a guarantee of life.  You will attract what you are – and that never fails. It is infallible. Just become the person you are looking for, and that person will come to you.   You can count on it.

 Relationship skills begins (and often ends) with you just being the best you can.  All else just falls somehow into place.

Just be your best, and don’t settle for second best!

Relationships for Christians
Relationships for Christians
This will be you, before you know it!

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